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Step into a transformative fitness experience led by the dynamic husband-and-wife duo, Ali and Nathalie Malik.  As founders & head coaches, renowned experts in their field, this power couple brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to our personal training gym.

Their collective knowledge and personalised approach have made them highly sought after, guiding individuals on a journey toward optimal health and fitness. Ali's elite experience in training and nutrition, coupled with Nathalie's comprehensive understanding of holistic wellness, create a powerhouse team dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Welcome to a space where expertise meets a personalised touch, as Ali, Nathalie & their expert team lead the way to a healthier, stronger, and more empowered you.


The founder and driving force behind Fit Labs.  A living embodiment of his philosophy, For Ali, age is a mere number, and he practices what he preaches – a belief that radiates through his approach to fitness. With elite experience in training and nutrition, Ali has not only sculpted the bodies of royalty, celebrities but has also empowered high-performing athletes & individuals globally.

Ali's fitness journey began as a response to personal tragedy, losing his mother to cancer. Fuelled by the desire for optimal health and mental well-being, he embarked on a transformative path. Confronting his own struggles with being underweight and low on confidence, Ali's unwavering commitment to consistency and dedication became the catalyst for profound personal growth.

Now, Ali derives joy from instilling confidence in others through training, unlocking their full potential. Ali welcomes you to a fitness journey that goes beyond physical transformation, fostering a holistic approach to health and self-discovery. Empowerment is the ultimate goal.


Renowned for delivering spectacular, life-changing results, our Head Coach Nathalie stands as one of the most highly sought-after female personal trainers in the industry. As a mother of two, she uniquely understands the challenges of balancing motherhood while striving for personal peak fitness.

Nathalie's journey, seamlessly transitioning back to pre-birth peak condition, speaks volumes about her dedication and resilience. Specialising in creating sustainable changes to both training and nutrition, Nathalie ensures that her clients achieve lifelong results. Her expertise extends to coaching a diverse individuals, couples and families globally.

Join Nathalie at Fit Labs, where her passion for empowering women on their fitness journey takes centre stage.




Nathalie brings a fresh new attitude and approach to training. Her specialism is muscle Lengthening and isolation to achieve a lean but defined shape. Nathalie keeps her clients motivated and achieves success with her focused and disciplined yet caring nature. Her workouts are always fresh and engaging ranging between High Intensity Circuits to Functional Body Weight training creating variety and rapid transformation.


Jayde is a highly qualified personal trainer with expertise in injury rehabilitation and pre/post natal training. Having recovered from an autoimmune condition Jayde combines nutritional knowledge with her understanding of the body to help clients achieve unbelievable transformations. Her elite client base is a testament to her personalised approach which focuses on crafting a training plan which is tailored to the individual


Emile has always been passionate about fitness. Having worked as a personal trainer in London and the Middle East for last 6 years, the experience has seen Emile lead strength& conditioning sessions for pro football players & boot camps,which bring an exciting variety to his sessions. As a Strength & Conditioning coach, his job is to create the best possible conditions for success. Emile has experience in helping clients of varied capabilities


With over 10 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and a Yogini ,Maija has a well-integrated passion for fitness and wellbeing. With a specialty fat Loss, toning, body transformation, Vinyasa Flow Yoga & Power yoga, Maija is a perfect candidate for all aspects of fitness, body conditioning,strength and conditioning and mobility regardless of fitness Level Maija's training philosophy is based on developing a strong equilibrium between



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Registered Company Spinboxx LTD - Company Number 11382489 - Trading as Fit Labs Kensington | By RHDG

Registered Company Spinboxx LTD - Company Number 11382489 - Trading as Fit Labs Kensington